Early Years Team Around the Child (EY TAC)

Solihull’s (EY TAC) has been developed to support early years children (0 to 4 years) and their families to get the help that they need. We hope that by bringing a team of professionals together we can facilitate a community approach to intervention at the earliest opportunity to support potential SEND.

Making a referral to the Early Years Team Around the Child (EY TAC) Panel

When making a referral to the EY TAC Panel, information must be provided to evidence that a child has a significant delay in at least three areas of their development. For the EY TAC Panel a significant delay is defined as:

  • 0 to 2 years - 6 months
  • 2 to 3 years - 6 to 12 months
  • 3+ to school entry - 12 months

The evidence required for all referrals is:

  • a completed EY TAC Referral Form
  • signed Parental Consent Form
  • a child development assessment summary is included in the EY TAC Referral Form and further supporting information is useful where it is available e.g. Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) or referral reports
  • referrals can also be made to single agencies for children 0 to 4 years in the usual way

The EY TAC Referral Form can be scanned and returned by email to tacpanelreferrals@solihull.gov.uk. This is our preferred response. 

You can also post the referral to:

Solihull Early Years Team
Council House
Manor Square
B91 3QB

EY TAC Assessment

An assessment of need will be confirmed and will be dependent on referral information and services already involved, the child’s needs and whether they are attending an educational setting. Each assessment will make recommendations about adaptations to support, interventions that need to be put in place and advise of any other services that need to be involved in the EY TAC.

Where a child’s needs are assessed as not meeting EY TAC criteria, the child will be closed to EY TAC and recommendations made regarding future support. Children will be closed to EY TAC once they are in a school reception class.

A keyworker will be identified and will be responsible for coordinating SEN support for the child until they enter school. Their role will be to ensure the Graduated Approach (assess>plan>do>review) is followed and outcomes are monitored. Where a change in provision is advised at a EY TAC review meeting, the child will return to the Panel.

EY TAC Panel Reviews

When a keyworker returns a child to EY TAC Panel due to a recommended change in provision, they should provide the Panel with updated documentation.