Educational psychology for children and young people

Educational psychologists (EPs) work with lots of different people, including children from their early years up to the age of 25, parents, school staff and other professionals

We will listen to what you have to say. We may ask you how you are feeling about home and school, and how things could be better for you.

We may also work with your parents, teachers and other adults to share ideas on learning, using your strengths, coping with difficulties and keeping safe.

We can help with all sorts of things that may be worrying or concerning you. For example, we can help when you are:

  • finding schoolwork hard
  • worrying too much about things
  • feeling unhappy about things
  • feeling angry or upset about things
  • getting into trouble in school
  • not getting along with friends or being bullied

When you meet with the EP, we may wish to do some of the following things:

  • listen and talk with you
  • observe your learning in the classroom or playground
  • talk with your parents and teachers
  • look at some of your school work
  • ask you to complete some activities or tests

We know that sometimes it is hard to talk about what you are thinking or feeling. We will help you feel as comfortable as possible and will listen carefully to what you say. You do not have to meet with us if you don’t want to.

We will keep a record of the work we are doing together and we will agree what information can be shared with others such as your parents or carers or teachers. You have a right to tell us if there is something you do not wish to be shared. The only time we are not able to keep something confidential is if it is something very serious that adults need to know about to keep you or someone else safe.

It depends. Sometimes we meet once, sometimes we meet several times. After our meeting with you, and your parents and teachers, we will have a plan. You might decide to do something differently.

Your teachers might want to work with you in a different way. The plan will support you with any changes you want to make. You might not need to meet us again but we will hear from others about how you are getting on.