Disabled band reduction

You may qualify for a reduction in your council tax if you or any member of your household is disabled.

If you or someone who lives with you is a disabled person and your property has been permanently adapted to help with their condition you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax. Someone is considered a disabled person if their illness, injuries or disability are substantial and not likely to improve.

In order to qualify, the home must have at least 1 of the following features:

  • a room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) which is mainly used by the disabled person and is necessary to meet their needs
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen for the use of the disabled person to meet their needs
  • extra space inside the property which allows the use of a wheelchair

Rooms for use by a disabled person

There must be a room in the property used by the disabled person either:

  • for treatment
  • for therapy
  • to store equipment

You cannot claim for having:

  • converted a downstairs room to a bedroom for a person who cannot climb stairs;
  • converted a bedsitting room for a person who cannot climb stairs;
  • converted an upstairs room that was a bedroom to a bedsitting room for bedridden person
  • a room with extra facilities such as extra heating or a hearing loop
  • a commode for a person who finds it difficult to get to a lavatory
  • a second lavatory does not count as a bathroom

How we reduce your council tax

If you are eligible for the reduction your bill will be based on the council tax band immediately below that shown for your property in the valuation list.

For example:

  • a Band B property would be treated as a band A
  • a Band A property would have their charge reduced by one sixth

We use the reduced amount to work out your entitlement to other council tax support or discounts.

How to apply?

Download and complete our application for disabled reduction.

On receipt of your application, a visiting officer will contact you to arrange an assessment. Please ensure you include an up-to-date telephone number as part of your application.