Light pollution

Light from shops, factories and homes can cause nuisance when it illuminates other buildings (for example, a security light shining into a bedroom window).

Light from a domestic property

If light from a domestic property is causing a nuisance or affecting you and your family this can be reported by visiting our anti social behaviour page. 

Light from all other types of property

Some kinds of buildings are allowed high levels of light (for safety and security reasons for example), which include:

  • airports
  • railways
  • bus stations
  • centres that offer public services

If light is disturbing you or stopping you from enjoying your home life you can get help by contacting us.

To investigate your complaint we'll need to know:

  • what times you are affected
  • how often this happens
  • what rooms within your home are affected
  • what causes the light

You may also be asked to keep a record of when the light turns on and off.