Solihull Local Plan Review

The current local plan, the ‘Solihull Local Plan’, was adopted in December 2013 and covers the period 2011 to 2028. Since the Local Plan was adopted, a legal challenge has resulted in the overall housing requirement being deleted and remitted back to the Council for reconsideration.

In addition, the government's plans for high speed rail have passed through Parliament and Royal Assent has now been granted for Phase One of the route. Contracts to deliver the scheme are being put in place and the route is expected to open by 2026. The first station outside of London is to be built in Solihull on land next to the M42 and opposite the NEC. The Interchange station will be constructed on land that it is currently within the Green Belt.

To ensure that a proper planning framework is in place that addresses these issues, the Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review (LPR). The stages of the LPR are set out in the Council’s most recent Local Development Scheme. This page contains details of the latest stage the Council has reached, for previous stages please see the Local Plan Review archive page.

Draft Local Plan (Supplementary Consultation) - Summary of Representations (July 2019)

The Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation took place from January 2019 to March 2019. Full details of the consultation and the documents published with the consultation can be found on the Local Plan Review archive page.

Over 3,800 representations were made and these have summarised in the Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation - Summary of Representations (July 2019).

The ‘Summary of representations’ to the Draft Local Plan Review (Supplementary Consultation) was reported to Cabinet Members on 18 July 2019.

The summary of representations document provides an overview of all of the comments submitted and is arranged by question or site reference. For those wishing to see more detail we have also published full schedules of individual submission summaries arranged both by question/site and name. These are long documents and not intended to be printed.

Whilst reading the schedules, it is recommended that the search function (‘Ctrl F’) in Adobe Reader is used to locate the name(s) of respondents you are interested in.

Redacted versions of the original representations can be found on our online consultation portal. To assist you in finding responses and who made them, please either use the search function on the portal or look up the respondents reference number (the number in square brackets) in either of the schedules described above.

Nearly 1,100 respondents took part in the consultation. Thank you to everyone who has responded, attended a workshop or drop-in session.

All of the feedback from the consultation is being carefully analysed and considered to inform the Submission Draft of the Local Plan Review.

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