Apply to lower your kerb

If you need driveway access from the road to your house you will need to apply to us for a dropped kerb (Vehicle Access Crossing). This is a chargeable service based upon the size of the crossing.

How do I apply for a dropped kerb?

Before you apply for a dropped kerb please read our guidance notes, which explain the application process and what information we require.

Guidance notes (from 1 April 2024)

How much will it cost?

There is a non-refundable administration fee of £180 for each application.

In addition, a Vehicle Access Crossing is charged at £184 per square metre of construction required and there is a minimum charge of £546 for a small area of work.

The average cost for a full size single crossing is £1400. However, costs vary depending upon the width of the pavement or verge and there could be additional costs if lamp posts or signs need to be moved. More details are given in the guidance notes above.

Assistance with these fees may be available for disabled people. For further information call 0121 704 8007.

Who can construct a dropped kerb?

The construction of all dropped kerbs in Solihull can only be carried out by Solihull Council’s own highways contractors. This is to ensure guaranteed high quality work to correct specifications, that's carried out in a safe manner for both pedestrians and workers.

How to pay

You will need to submit two payments. 

When paying the initial fee

If paying the £180 initial fee online you should use VX/123456 as your reference.

Please ensure you make a note of your receipt number at the end of the payment, you will need this when you apply.

When paying the final balance

When paying the final balance please use only the numbers quoted on your letter as the reference (these are the numbers preceded by 'VX/').


Before applying you will need to pay the non-refundable £180 fee, without this we won't be able to process your application. 

You can either pay online or call 0121 704 8004. Once the initial fee has been paid you can complete our online application form. 

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