Conservation Areas

To help and protect and conserve Solihull’s unique character as a 'Town in the Country', we have 20 Conservation Areas in the borough.

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What are Conservation Areas?

We're responsible for designating Conservation Areas in Solihull. You can request that your area becomes a Conservation Area by emailing us at with full details explaining how it is an:

  • architecturally or historically significant area
  • area with an interesting character or appearance worthy of preservation or enhancement

Regulations in Conservation Areas

There are greater regulations in place for Conservation Areas to ensure that all works are sympathetic to the area. This means that:

  • detailed planning applications will be needed
  • restrictions to permitted development rights for minor works, e.g. Article 4 Directions - please check if unsure
  • demolitions in a Conservation Area generally need planning permission - you should always check
  • no work such as felling and lopping can typically be done to trees without our consent - always check with us
  • all illuminated and many non-illuminated signs will require consent - check with us first

Local Validation for Conservation Areas

You can check whether our local validation criteria apply to any works you propose in a Conservation Area.

Demolition of a building in a Conservation Area

Planning permission is required for demolition within a conservation area.

The 20 Conservation Areas that we currently have in Solihull are:

  • Ashleigh Road Conservation Area
  • Barston Conservation Area
  • Berkswell Conservation Area
  • Bickenhill Conservation Area
  • Castle Bromwich Conservation Area
  • Granville Road Conservation Area
  • Grove Avenue Conservation Area
  • Hampton-in-Arden Conservation Area
  • Knowle Conservation Area
  • Malvern Hall and Brueton Avenue Conservation Area
  • Malvern Park Farm Conservation Area
  • Meriden Green Conservation Area
  • Meriden Hill Conservation Area
  • Olton Conservation Area
  • Solihull Conservation Area
  • Station Approach Dorridge Conservation Area
  • Temple Balsall Conservation Area
  • Walsall End Conservation Area
  • Warwick Road Conservation Area
  • White House Way Conservation Area