Demolitions advice and control

Demolition of a building can cause problems for residents and businesses in the immediate area. It is therefore important that 6 weeks notice is given prior to demolition starting and that all disruption is kept to a minimum.

Notification of demolition

It is an offence to start demolition works without giving the right notice. Conditions may need to be imposed, which can only be determined by our visit to the site prior to works starting.

In order to demolish a site in Solihull, you must return the below demolition notice form, giving us 6 weeks notice. The fee is £259.00.

This must show:

  • the building and details of the demolition works
  • the person undertaking the work
  • that the occupiers of adjacent buildings have been informed
  • compliance with the Party Wall Act has been achieved
  • that the gas, electricity and water supplies to the building have been terminated
  • drainage to the site has been sealed
  • how the site will be secured following completion

When we have received the notice, our Building Control surveyors will visit the site. We will also consult with Highways. The West Midlands Fire Service and the Health and Safety Executive may also be consulted.

Once approval for demolition is received, we will require:

  • adequate shoring, repair and weather proofing of adjacent buildings
  • the removal of material or rubbish

A copy of the demolition notice must also be sent to the utility companies for the building.

It is also a requirement that letters are sent to neighbours of the site providing details of the works and contact information.

Demolishing the building

When starting the demolition, you must ensure that:

  • dust, noise and other disruptions are kept to a minimum
  • pavements are not damaged or obstructed
  • obstacles and holes are not left where they pose a risk
  • all complaints are handled promptly

It is also essential that materials are burned in a controlled manner. Any bonfires producing dark smoke are illegal and offenders will be prosecuted.

Dangerous buildings

If you consider that a building may be dangerous it's important to report it immediately. You can report a dangerous structure online or call us on  0121 704 8008.

Any structure which poses a public risk can be considered dangerous, which includes but is not limited to:

  • an entire building
  • a building with loose slates or tiles
  • garden walls and fences
  • advertising hoardings

Depending on the severity of the risk, we will work with emergency services and any other appropriate authorities to deal with the risk.