Solihull Local Plan Review

Publication of Regulation 19 Representations

We have now published all representations received as part of the Regulation 19 representation period. These can be viewed via our online database

Visit online database

Our help guide providing information on how to view comments.

In addition to viewing the individual representations in full via our portal, we have also published:

You can use the find function (CTRL+F) to search on the summary documents for a name or respondent ID.

The latest version of the Solihull Local Plan is our Regulation 19 version of the plan, which was open for representations between 30th October and 14th December 2020.

The plan is based on our updated evidence and we have also produced a number of Concept Masterplans  which show our aspirations for the allocated sites.

Solihull’s Local Plan will guide the development of the borough for the next decade, and beyond. It is the basis for future planning decisions as it creates a ‘blueprint’ for when and where major developments can take place, and where it shouldn’t.

The representations received will be the focus of the independent examination, which is the next stage in the process, and is expected to take place later this year. This Examination in Public (EiP) will be overseen by a nominated Inspector appointed on behalf of the Secretary of State, and he or she will be provided with all of the representations made at this stage. The EiP will be the final scrutiny before the plan can be adopted.

In accordance with the resolution from Council, the next step in the process is the submission of the plan to the Secretary of State (via the Planning Inspectorate) and arrangements are currently being made for the representations to be reviewed before a decision is made to submit the plan.

For details regarding the previous stages of the local plan review, please visit the archive pages.