Solihull Town Centre Energy Network

The Council is undertaking a study into the feasibility of bringing affordable heating to town centre buildings through a district energy network.

You can see the full Cabinet report where the heat network was discussed and approved here.

What is a district energy network?

A district energy network is a system for distributing low carbon heat and electricity.  Energy is generated from a centralised location and is distributed via underground pipes and wires to supply key public, community and private sector buildings. These schemes can deliver carbon savings and help to reduce fuel bills. See the following on YouTube for a video summary of district energy.

The proposed network in Solihull town centre could provide heat and power to many public and private sector customers including Tudor Grange Leisure Centre, town centre commercial offices, public and retail customers. The network proposal also includes a branch serving Solihull College and University Centre and nearby schools.

The project aims to deliver carbon savings in support of Solihull Council’s Green Prospectus objectives to develop a ‘smart Low Carbon Vision with increased decentralised energy and low carbon generation …’ and ‘an efficient and low carbon infrastructure that enables and maximises the opportunity for low carbon economic growth’.

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All of the funding for the study, and the various investigations including the test borehole, has come from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Heat Network Delivery Unit (HNDU) and the West Midlands Combined Authority.