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New Neighbourhood Area designation for Hampton-in-Arden

Following an application from Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council, a new Neighbourhood Area has been designated. This amends the current Neighbourhood Area to reflect the administrative boundary change that came into effect on 1 April 2019 and will allow the Parish Council to update their Neighbourhood Plan.

The designation can be viewed here.

For the avoidance of doubt, until a new Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’, the existing Plan policies will continue to apply to the area that was covered by the previous Neighbourhood Area.

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Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan is 'made'

The Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Referendum was held on Thursday 6 July 2017. The referendum result showed clear support for the NDP. The ‘Declaration of Result of Poll’ can be viewed here.

The Council has now ‘made’ the Neighbourhood Plan and it is now formally part of the statutory development plan for Solihull that was adopted in December 2013. The Neighbourhood Plan will be used by the Council to assist in making decisions relating to planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan area. The Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here.

Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examination

Independent Examination of the Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft was conducted by Mr Andrew Matheson and took place in January 2017. The Examiner’s report concluded that subject to recommended modifications it is appropriate for the NDP to proceed to referendum.

The Council has considered the Examiner’s report and is in agreement with all of its recommendations as outlined in the Council’s 19 April 2017 report.

Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft

Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council submitted their Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan to the Council in February 2016. Consultation took place in August and September 2016. The Submission Draft and other supporting information can be viewed below:

Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft

On 3 August 2015, in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council commenced consultation on their Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan – Summary of Progress:

Neighbourhood Area Application Submitted November 2012
Neighbourhood Area Designated June 2013
Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Consultation August 2015
Submission February 2016
Examination January 2017
Referendum 6 July 2017
Plan ‘Made’ August 2017
New Neighbourhood Area Application Submitted January 2020
New Neighbourhood Area Designated April 2020

For further information please visit www.hamptoninarden.org.uk