Gritting and grit bins

Our gritting crews are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from mid-November until mid-March.

There are 9 routes covered by the gritting crews which cover 56% of the Borough’s roads - that’s a distance of 348miles or 560km.

See our gritting routes or find your nearest gritting bin

You can also download our list of grit bin locations.

If you need to report an empty grit bin or want us to consider a new location please call 0121 704 8004.

Pedestrian routes

We only grit pedestrian routes in town centres and on main pedestrian routes. You can see what routes are gritted within our Winter Plan.

How we monitor weather conditions

We receive a specialised winter weather forecasting service provided by the MetDesk. The forecast, received on a daily basis, gives predictions of the possibility of freezing road temperatures, snow etc, and the time those conditions may occur. This is a much more local forecast to those used in the local media.

WeatherReady tips and advice

All types of weather can affect you, those around you, and your property. Make sure you're prepared by checking WeatherReady tips and advice.