HS2 is a national high speed rail network which will link London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Not only will journey times be reduced from London Euston to the region by an estimated 38 mins, but it will drive economic growth in Solihull.

Visit HS2 in Solihull, to subscribe for news updates about what is proposed along the route in Solihull, how it is being constructed and what is being done to reduce disruption. To get in touch with HS2:

  • call their 24/7 Freephone Community Helpline on 08081 434 434
  • email HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk (replies during office hours)

HS2 Phase One

HS2 Phase One includes two major viaducts, a number of smaller viaducts, a new interchange station, and other associated developments. The HS2 Interchange Station will be the first station outside of London and will be built next to the M42 and opposite the NEC.

The Phase One Bill gained Royal Assent on 23 February 2017. This, in effect, granted planning permission for HS2 and works commenced at the start of 2018. The route is expected to open in 2026.

Recent decisions

The latest HS2 traffic management applications and road works plans for Solihull are published on our tracker sheet. These are Schedule 4 applications and fall into two main categories:

  • Notice of works and traffic diversions – these are published by the Council online when received
  • New highway works - the Council can also only comment on issues relating to road safety and congestion and only has 28 days to determine these applications. By their nature, these applications are not open to the normal process for consultation or engagement.

However, because the HS2 Bill became an Act it is important to understand that planning permission has in effect been given for the works, as detailed in the Schedule 17 applications in the planning tracker.

Any decision on these applications cannot revisit matters settled through the parliamentary process. Many of the effects of the project have already been evaluated and found to be acceptable as judged against the Environmental Statement that accompanied the HS2 Act.

The remaining applications the Council will need to consider largely focus on matters of detail and will only have narrow parameters within which they can be determined. The Council cannot impose conditions without the consent of the applicant, HS2 Ltd, and so has limited scope for intervention.

There is no statutory duty for Local Planning Authorities to consult bodies such as Parish Councils on Schedule 17 submissions received.  However, the Council has taken the decision to notify Parish/Town Councils and Ward Members of Schedule 17 submissions once they are received. The Council has 56 days to respond to Schedule 17 submissions.

A few planning applications will be submitted outside of the Schedule 17 and will be examined in the normal way through the Council’s Planning Committee process.

Maximising opportunity

To make the most of the opportunity HS2 presents to Solihull, the Council has established the Urban Growth Company (UGC). The UGC is a special purpose delivery vehicle which will lead and develop major infrastructure investment in The Hub, a key component of the Council’s UK Central strategic economic growth area.

The aim is to use the HS2 Interchange Station as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth. It has the potential to interweave business, leisure, retail and a brand new community based around the outstanding transport connectivity; creating new places to live, work, rest and play.

Minimising disruption

We are committed to working with local communities to ensure that any disruption resulting from building and operating HS2 is kept to a minimum; and that the natural resources and green space for which Solihull is admired is protected whilst building prosperity for the next generation.

Our HS2 Implementation Advisory Group will have oversight of any HS2 construction in the borough and will work with HS2 and various contractors to make sure communities and businesses are informed of works and are aware of who to contact should there be any problems.