Report an abandoned vehicle

A vehicle is abandoned if it’s been left by its owner with no intention to recover or accept responsibility for it.

To help us determine if a vehicle is abandoned we consider:

  • how long has it been since the vehicle moved
  • the overall condition, age and appearance of the vehicle
  • whether there is a registered keeper or valid vehicle tax according to the DVLA
  • if there is a number plate
  • if it looks driveable
  • if it has rubbish or waste inside

Unless it's in a dangerous location we do not consider a vehicle to be abandoned until it has been in the same position for at least 14 days.

There may be legitimate reasons why a car hasn’t moved, for example:

  • the owners are visiting a relative
  • the owners are sick or in hospital
  • the owners are on holiday
  • the vehicle has broken down
  • the vehicle is awaiting recovery from an insurance company

Report an untaxed vehicle

Before reporting an abandoned vehicle you should obtain the vehicle registration and check if its taxed by visiting Gov.UK.

Untaxed vehicles can be reported to the DVLA.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

What we do next

We will investigate the vehicle within 5 working days. 

If a vehicle on the highway is in a dangerous condition or causing a hazard we aim to inspect it within 1 working day. 

I have been served a 7 day notice letter in the post - how do I recover my vehicle?

You should contact our Parking and Enforcement team by calling 0121 704 8000.

You should ensure you contact us before the 7 days expire otherwise your vehicle will be sent for recycling.

You will also have to pay to recover the vehicle. The charges are as follows:

  • £150 vehicle removal
  • £20 per day storage
  • £75 disposal fee

I left something in my vehicle and I want it back - can I get it?

Any property found inside an abandoned vehicle is abandoned with the vehicle. Vehicles and their contents are recycled as a whole.

My vehicle was not abandoned - why was it removed?

When inspecting a vehicle we consider certain factors to help us determine if it’s abandoned.

I was not informed my vehicle would be taken away - why?

Abandoning a vehicle is an offence. Vehicles are removed if they meet the criteria of an abandoned vehicle. Once removed and taken into storage a letter will be sent to the last known registered keeper giving them the opportunity upon paying the above fees to reclaim the vehicle.