Verge and hedge maintenance

Grass cutting

We cut the grass on verges, and in our parks, open spaces and communal gardens every 12 working days between March and November. However, this schedule changes according to the weather.

Report a missed grass cut

Hedges and shrubs

We cut all hedges and shrubs in the borough that are either next to roads, or in public open spaces, parks and cemeteries.

Hedges and shrubs are cut annually between November and March, but again depends on the weather. We also cut back verges on rural country lanes 3 times a year.

We'll only cut back a hedge or shrub if it's causing an obstruction of affecting the visibility of the road (this does not include hedge height). To report an overgrown hedge or shrub please email us at


Every autumn we clear a large number of leaves that fall from trees. Our main sweeping schedule takes place from October to December but this can change due to the weather conditions.

The majority of leaves are cleared by our normal sweeping service but some areas require extra leaf clearance due to a high number of trees.

We monitor the clearance schedule during autumn but if you have any safety concerns please email us at