Tell us if you have been flooded and how to protect your home

Flooded road

You should let us know if your home or business has been flooded.

Solihull flood event

The results will help us to:

  • understand the impact of flooding better
  • identify ways we can work more closely with our partners for your benefit
  • improve how we manage flooding in Solihull 

The Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Resilience websites provide advice on:

There is also information on Severn Trent’s website regarding sewer flooding.

The National Flood Forum provides advice:

  • on health and safety
  • coping with the aftermath of a flood
  • rogue traders
  • insurance
  • flood products

You can contact The National Flood Forum on 01299 403 055.

Property Flood Resilience

Homeowners and businesses can install Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures that will help to minimise the damage and speed up the repair time of a flood. PFR can be installed to make individual properties more resistant, by aiming to prevent or limit flood water getting in.

There are also adaptation measures which can be installed internally that can improve resilience and reduce the impact if flood water does enter your property. 

PFR does involve some early expense but can often reduce the distress and cost of repairs caused by flooding.

It should be noted that PFR measures offer a significant improvement in terms of protection compared to traditional sandbags which are often inefficient and have to be moved between heavy rainfall.

Always make sure you work with approved manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring your products carry a kite mark certification and are approved to the current British Standard.