Extra green garden waste services

You can buy an extra green wheelie bin and pay for extra collections or collections during winter. You can use our online calendar to view your green waste collection dates

Buy winter collections

To pay for winter collections please call 0121 704 8000.

Collections are once a month from December to March and cost £46.00 (including VAT).

If you have two bins you will need to pay the fee twice.

If you join when collections have already started the full fee still applies.

Due to current restrictions we will be unable to confirm collection dates by letter in 2020/21. If you have provided an email address you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't have access to email it is important that you write down the dates during your telephone call when you make your request.

Buy an additional bin - Spring/Summer collections

To pay for an extra bin please call 0121 704 8000.

Your bin will cost:

  • £33.00 for the bin
  • £91.50 (including VAT) for fortnightly collections during Spring and Summer

If you join collections have already started the full fee still applies.

Your extra bin will have a brown lid. You will also receive a sticker and will need to place the correct year sticker onto the bin to receive the service.

When your collections start

Your collections will start seven days after you have paid.

Terms and conditions

You can download our full Terms and Conditions for this service

Home Composting

Transform your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It's easy to make and use.

To find out more visit our reduce, reuse, recycle page