Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can give the environment a helping hand by reducing, recycling or reusing things you would normally throw away,


If you are getting too much junk mail why not sign up to the Mail Preference Service or opt out of receiving unaddressed post with Royal Mail.

The average household spends £60 a month on food they throw away, over a year that adds up to £700. To start saving money and reducing the food your throw out visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Get composting

Composting can help turn your kitchen and garden waste into a rich food that’s perfect for your garden. To find out the benefits and how to set up your compost bin click here.

We have teamed up with to provide you with exclusive offers on home compost bins, water butts and other green products.

How to order

You can order your composter by:


Many items get thrown away when all they need is a little love and imagination to create something new through reuse. For ideas and inspiration visit RecycleNow


You can get the most of your rubbish by using RecycleNows A to Z.

Find your nearest other recycling facility - (Just enter your postcode in the 'Recycling locations').

If you want to recycle electrical items visit Repic Responsible Recycling.

What happens to my recycling?

Our guides for:

tell you what happens to your recycling.

What happens to my rubbish?

The rubbish we collect is taken to a Waste to Energy plant and used to create heat and electricity.