Replacement containers

Looking after your bins will help us to save money. You can do this by keeping them in a safe place and putting your house number or house name on them.

Get a free replacement

We will replace your items for free if:

  • you have moved into a new build home and there are no bins at the property
  • this is your first request for a replacement

Please note, if you have already  had a bin replaced within a 2 year period you will need to pay for your replacement container. We will only replace a container free of charge once in a 2 year period.

Damaged bins

Any damaged bins will only be replaced if they cannot be repaired or can no longer be safely used or emptied.

Cost of replacement items

The cost of a new of replacement bin is:

  • £32.00 for a brown or green wheelie bin
  • £4.00 for a black recycling box
  • £24.00 standard black wheelie bin
  • £32.00 large black wheelie bin (if you already have a larger bin)

There will also be a £9.00 delivery charge.

If you receive means tested benefits you may receive a 25% discount.

Request a replacement

To request a replacement container call 0121 704 8000. 

Before we provide your replacement container, we may visit your property to check your current containers.

We may also on occasion provide refurbished bins.

Please note all our bins are stored outside and may have some rain marks on them when delivered.


We will collect extra recycling if it is placed at the side of your brown bin. Extra recycling can be placed in sturdy plastic boxes (similar to the black box), hessian bags or jute bags for life or similar bags.

To make the most of the space in your brown bin:

  • Squash plastic bottles
  • Break and fold cardboard down

You can request an extra brown bin by calling 0121 704 8000

Before being considered for a larger bin you need to ensure that you are making full use of your recycling service. By recycling more you will reduce the amount of waste that you need to throw out. If you need any help check what we collect or use the A to Z at RecycleNow. This provides details of where you can recycle materials such as flimsy plastic and plastic bags.

You can apply for a larger bin if you:

  • Are a family of six or more permanently living at the same address
  • Have a medical condition that causes additional waste

You can apply for additional sacks that can be placed alongside your black bin or purple sacks if you:

  • Are a household of four people permanently living at a property with more than one child in nappies
  • Are a household of five people permanently living at a property with a child in nappies

If your household meets the criteria for children in nappies we will provide extra sacks, we will not provide a larger bin.

You can place one sack out for collection every week for 12 months. We will not provide extra sacks.  

Apply now

If you have moved into a newly built house or flat your developer will need to contact us about providing your bins. Our developer guide explains how bins are provided for newly built homes.

We do not provide a clinical waste collection service.

If you need help with clinical waste please speak to your doctor’s surgery or health practitioner.