Split Brown Bin

If your brown bin has split we will deliver a replacement free of charge and collect your damaged bin.

You do not need to leave your damaged bin directly at the kerbside for it to be replaced but please make sure that its empty and visible from the front of your property .

Report a split brown bin

If your bin is not empty we will be unable to collect it and you will need to rearrange your delivery.

Brown bin delivery times

We aim to deliver your replacement bin in 10 working days but please allow up to 20 working days at times of high demand.

We carry out deliveries from 6.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and may complete deliveries on weekends at times of high demand.

We cannot provide the time or date of when you bin will be delivered.

Using the recycling service

While you wait for your replacement bin you can still recycle items by putting them out for collection in another container such as your old recycling box or a hessian/jute bag. Please do not use carrier bags or black bin bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to a fault our brown recycling bins are prone to splitting. They can split at the sides, front or back. The splits are not caused due to the bins being mishandled by the collection crews.

Full bins can be difficult for the delivery driver to lift onto our collection vehicle and prevents the bins being stacked on collection. which reduces the number of deliveries we are able to complete, reducing efficiency in deliveries and collections.

If you have a front garden or drive we will collect your damaged bin from there - to help our delivery crew the bin will need to be visible from the roadside and easy to move (i.e. not left behind a parked car).

If you cannot physically empty your bin and there is no one else in your household who can do this for you please call us on 0121 704 8000. If you do not tell us and you leave your bin we will be unable to collect it.

Badly damaged bins have developed large splits or holes that are getting caught on our vehicle lift.

If a bin is badly split and considered likely to get stuck our crews have been asked to log the bin as damaged and regrettably leave it as it cannot be emptied safely.

You can order a replacement bin by filling in our online form.

A builders bag is too large for our collection crew to pick up.