Rubbish and recycling guides

Our guides can help you fully understand the waste and recycling service.

Customer Charter

Our customer charter outlines what we can and cannot do for our customers and how you can make the most of the services we provide.

Householder Guide

Our householder guide provides information on how our policies help us to deliver your household collection service.

Managing Agents Guide

Our managing agent guide provides information on our service for:

  • managing agents
  • housing associations
  • landlords who predominantly manage flats and apartment complexes

Developers Guide

Our developers guide is for developers from small to large scale and tells you what we require to deliver our service from from planning through to developing and completion.

Household Waste Recycling Centre Guide

Our household waste recycling guide provides information on what you can expect when visiting the site and what you can do to the make the most of your visit.

Our waste management strategies and policies

We have developed a set of documents detailing how the waste and recycling service is managed and our ambitions for the future.