Children missing education (CME)

Children Missing Education (CME) are children of compulsory school age who are not on a school roll, and who are not receiving a suitable education otherwise than being at a school.

CME are:

  • children whose whereabouts are known but they do not have any educational provision in place
  • children whose whereabouts are unknown and therefore so is their educational provision

CME are not:

  • children who are on a school roll. If a child is not attending their registered school or education provider, please contact the school or education provider
  • children who are being Educated at Home

What to do if you are concerned?

If you know or suspect a child is missing from education, please let us know straight away. Checks are routinely carried out before contacting parents or carers, so it is always better to advise us if you are in any doubt.

You can contact the Education and Inclusion Service by phone or email, and you can remain anonymous if you wish. By notifying us of your concerns you are helping to ensure the safety and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable children in our community and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

You can contact us by:

Solihull schools

If the child you are concerned about is on the roll of your school in Solihull and their whereabouts remain unknown after you have carried out reasonable enquiries, please refer to our local CME policy and complete a CME referral on the following link.

When schools should complete a referral:

  • where the pupil has stopped attending, school have made reasonable attempts to make contact during the first 10 school days (see CME Policy, section 5 for checks), and where the destination of the child remains unknown
  • pupil should remain on the school roll whilst the school and the local authority make reasonable enquiries jointly.
  • the pupil must not be removed from the school roll until no less than 20 continuous unauthorised school days absence, after both the school and local authority have tried to locate the pupil and reasonable enquiries have been undertaken.

When schools should not use this form

  • pupils who have stopped attending but have not moved are non-attenders not CME; they must remain on the school roll and be dealt with as non-attenders

Submit a schools referral

If the child you are concerned about is not on the roll of your school please complete a professional referral.

Professionals and agencies

Please select the following link to complete a professionals referral.

Submit a professional referral