Home education (Elective home education)

If you want to teach your child at home this page tells you what you need to do and how we will support you.

The information on this page is offered in the spirit of providing helpful support. We recognise that families are unique. Therefore, our intention is for you to choose what information is helpful for you in educating your child(ren) at home.

It is a parent or carer’s choice to take legal and financial responsibility for their child’s education out of a school setting (at home or otherwise). Parents are not required to seek approval from the local authority to start home education unless their child attends a maintained special school as stated on their EHCP.

Home education is a huge commitment, but can be very rewarding and exciting for you and your child. Please look at our leaflet below to find out some key information about EHE.

For additional information, please read the documents linked below.

This first document covers the following information:

  1. What is elective home education?
  2. Things to consider before home educating
  3. How to begin home educating and Solihull Council’s role thereafter
  4. Support and resources

Additional information about EHE

This second document will provide you with some information about learning. There is no requirement to use this information, but some families may find it useful.

  1. Helpful information
  2. Approaches to learning
  3. Assessments and qualifications

Information about Learning

We have a duty to find out, so far as possible, whether home educated children are receiving suitable full-time education. In addition to providing support for home educating families, we work with parents to make sure that every child is receiving a suitable education.

In addition to providing support for home educating families, we support parents to make sure that every child is receiving a suitable education. To do this, we’ll get in touch with EHE families on an annual basis to informally discuss the education being provided at home. This is usually by requesting a meeting, phone call, video call or a written overview.

On rare occasions, when an education is found to be unsuitable, the team will support families through practical suggestions and ideas until the education is suitable for the child and meets requirements.

Any personal reports about your child are sent securely via the EHE email address. This document shows you what to expect when you are sent a secure message from us, and how to access your report.

How to open a secure email in Solihull MB Council's secure Messaging Portal

We are always happy to offer support and advice: whether that be providing you with more information; contacting your child’s current or previous school; or providing support or answers whilst you are home educating.

Please do not hesitate to call or email the team using the following contact details: