Solihull Independent Travel Training (ITT)

ITT helps children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) to travel safely.

Apply for ITT

We can help you build independence and confidence by:

  • free one to one 1:1 training from a qualified travel trainer
  • focusing on your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • teaching you the skills you need to travel safely on your own
  • a planned route that gets you to school safely

Who is eligible?

To receive Independent Travel Training you must:

  • be aged 11 to 16
  • live in Solihull
  • travel on transport we already provide
  • live no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes from your school using public transport (however this may depend on your ability)

How does Independent Travel Training work?

Travel training takes place every school day in the morning and afternoon.

At the start of training we’ll travel with you from your home to your school but this will gradually reduce until you become more confident to complete the journey on your own.

As well as learning skills to travel on public transport we will teach you:

  • stranger awareness
  • personal safety
  • road safety

Your travel trainer can also arrange workshops at your school.