Topic based needs assessments

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is supported by a programme of in-depth topic-based reports examining specific health needs of the population and to support the commissioning of services. These reports will be expanded and updated over time.

If you would like to request a specific report, please complete this application and return it by email to

Further information on needs assessments can be found within this guidance pack.

Current reports

Report Publication Year
Children and Young Persons Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Needs Assessment 2019
Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 2023
Children and Young People in Solihull 2022
Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment 2021
Exploitation Prevalence in Solihull 2021
Homelessness Needs Assessment 2023
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - Birmingham and Solihull 2022
Serious Violence Duty Strategic Needs Assessment Solihull 2023
Sexual Health Needs Assessment - Birmingham and Solihull 2021
Sexual Health Recommendations and Executive Summary - Birmingham and Solihull 2021
Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2023

Past Needs Assessments

Report Publication Year
Autism Needs Assessment 2016
Cancer Needs Assessment 2016
Carers Needs Assessment 2017
Diabetes Health Needs Assessment 2015
Early Help Needs Assessment 2017
Falls Needs Assessment 2016
Suicide Data Analysis 2018