Senior managers

As part of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's open data scheme, the full-time equivalent salaries and responsibilities of senior managers earning £50,000 pa and above are published annually in April.

The list contains information on budget and staff (FTE*) responsibilities. Further organisational and contextual information is given in the Senior Management Structure Chart. This does not take account of any national pay awards, where these have been negotiated and agreed after 1st April.

Both budgets and FTEs have been calculated on the overall responsibility the individual has within the staff reporting hierarchy, and therefore there is an element of double counting. For example, the Chief Executive is shown as having responsibility for all budgets and FTEs, whilst below this the Senior Leadership team each have responsibility for budgets and FTEs that will have also been included in the Chief Executive’s totals. Consequently by adding all budgets and FTEs for the Staff published here this double counting will give a larger figure than the actual total Council numbers.

Budgets are shown in three columns, to separate out expenditure and income from the net budget. Not all budgets will be shown, as some budget holders are on salaries of less than £50,000.

*FTE = Full Time Equivalent (based on 37 hours)