Find someone to speak on your behalf

If another person speaks on your behalf they are commonly known as an advocate. An advocate will represent you when you need help, and support you at difficult and challenging times.

There are three main types of advocacy provided in Solihull. These are:

  • Peer based advocacy
  • Statutory independent advocacy
  • Care Act advocacy

You may also find advocacy services by searching the Solihull Directory.

Peer based advocacy

Peer based advocacy is also known as individual advocacy or peer support advocacy.

Peer based advocacy means that you will be supported by someone with personal experience of a particular health condition or disability.

Statutory independent advocacy

Statutory independent advocacy is provided by law in certain circumstances. Statutory independent advocacy is provided if you:

  • find it hard to be fully involved in making choices
  • have been assessed as lacking mental capacity
  • are a patient detained under the Mental Health Act

Care Act advocacy

Care Act Advocacy is for people needing help to take part in their care and support assessments and planning.

Care Act advocacy is provided if you find it very hard to:

  • understand information
  • remember information
  • use information and make decisions
  • talk and communicate with people

Solihull Action through Advocacy

Solihull Action through Advocacy is an independent charity that provides:

  • informal, peer based, 1 to 1 advocacy for people with learning difficulties and profound and multiple disabilities (PMLD)
  • statutory independent advocacy for people assessed as requiring an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
  • Care Act advocacy for older people

You can make a referral to Solihull Action through Advocacy through the website, or contact the service directly by:

Independent Advocacy organisation for people with mental health issues

Independent Advocacy is a charitable company that provides:

  • informal, peer based advocacy for people with mental health issues
  • statutory independent advocacy for people requiring an Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) service
  • Care Act advocacy for people with mental health conditions

You can learn more about the services from Independent Advocacy by visiting the website or contact the organisation directly by:

Advocacy for carers

For advice and information on advocacy if you are a carer contact the Carers Trust Solihull.

Independent NHS complaints advocacy

We have appointed Independent Advocacy to carry out the NHS complaints and advocacy services for Healthwatch Solihull. If you wish to complain about NHS services or treatment, you can visit the Independent Advocacy website to learn more.

Understanding advocacy

To discuss advocacy with somebody in person you can visit our Community Advice Hubs.