Your reablement assessment

Your reablement assessment gives you the opportunity to tell adult social care what short term support you need after a stay in hospital or while you recover from illness.

Request your reablement assessment

If you are over 18 and live in Solihull you can request a reablement assessment when you are in need of help to look after yourself.

You can choose to have a reablement assessment:

  • if you live with a physical disability and have the ability to develop new skills and have identified goals to help you remain independent
  • if you live with dementia and have the ability to participate in your reablement program or where engagement to accept long term care is identified.  This would require a 'best interest' decision assessment and will need to be completed by someone who is specifically trained in doing so.
  • if you are recovering from illness
  • if you have recently left hospital

A reablement assessment can also:

  • be offered by our adult social care team
  • be requested by a medical professional, such as your GP or a consultant surgeon
  • be asked for by your carer or carers

You can request an assessment by contacting our Solihull Connect Adult Social Care team::

The reablement assessment process

Your reablement assessment will take place in your own home or wherever you feel comfortable.

If you have difficulty understanding, remembering or using information, or have difficulty getting your point across, you may want to use an advocate (insert link) to help you with your assessment.

The assessment will look at how well you can do day to day tasks, such as:

  • looking after yourself and your own personal care
  • preparing and cooking food, eating meals and drinking
  • walking and moving around safely
  • getting out and about and keeping active

If you do not agree with the assessment

You will always have an opportunity to give feedback about your assessment. 

If you do not meet our criteria we will:

  • provide you with information and advice on what community support is available
  • discuss services which you can pay to receive
  • explore ways that you might find funding to pay for them

In the first instance your reassessment should be completed by the person completing it with you the first time.