Shared Care Record

We have been working closely with health and social care partners across Birmingham and Solihull to develop a Shared Care Record. This is a confidential electronic system that allows local health and social care professionals to see residents’ information, where it’s needed for their care.

Since December 2021 we have been sharing adult social care information with partners. We are now able to view data from other health and social care organisations including hospitals and GPs.

This affects people who receive care and support services from Solihull Council. 

How does this benefit people who use adult social care services?

The Shared Care Record brings together a summary of key information which has been agreed as the most important elements of health and care information from each organisation’s information recording system.  

Sharing information improves people’s outcomes. An example of this could be hospital staff being able to access a person’s social care information to understand what kind of support they need while in hospital.

Sharing health and social care information ensures that professionals can access relevant information in a timely manner, such as hospital discharges and admissions, diagnoses and contact details of other professionals involved in an individual’s care.

Watch the 'Introduction to the Birmingham and Solihull Shared Care Record' video on YouTube.

Can I say no to this?

Everyone has the right to object to their data being shared at any time.  We don’t recommend this, as information that could be vital when you need health or social care support - for instance, during a visit to a hospital Emergency Department - might not be immediately to hand as a result.

Objecting will mean the services giving you care will be unable to view your records from other services.

However, the decision is entirely yours. If you do want to object, you can do so by visiting the Right to Object page on the Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System website.

How to find out more about the Shared Care Record

Read Solihull Council’s Privacy Notice about the Shared Care Record

Visit the Shared Care Record pages on the Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System website.

Download the Shared Care Record poster

Download the Shared Care Record leaflet