Temporary Road Closure

It is sometimes necessary to temporarily restrict the movement of traffic or impose waiting restrictions on the public highway.

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO), which is arranged by Solihull Council, is most commonly used to do this.

TTRO’s are used to close roads for temporary situations such as roadworks, but can also be used to temporarily ban a turning movement or remove parking. In addition, it can be used to temporarily suspend an existing restriction such as suspending a no-entry or to enable an event to take place.

We'll only consider applications for works or events on the public highway. 

Who can apply for a TTRO?

  • Solihull Council and statutory undertakers - gas, water, electricity etc can apply to close a road to carry out essential works
  • builders and associated trades for maintenance and repairs - it is recommended that you employ a suitable company to undertake the road closure on your behalf
  • event organisers - you can access further information on closing the highway when necessary to enable an event or street party to take place

Please note: Road closures are considered to be a last resort and will only be granted following a complete application and justification for closing a road.

How to apply for a TTRO?

To apply you will need to complete the forms below. A minimum of 3 months notice of a closure is required.

The costs involved with making the Order as well as any necessary signing is met by the person or organisation requesting the Order. The following fee’s apply from 1 April 2024:

  • for an order closure £2080 (0% VAT)
  • for an notice closure £1040 (0% VAT) (duration of 5 days or less)
  • for an emergency closure £700 (0% VAT)

Before making your request please ensure that you have read the following guidance notes.

Once you have done so, please fully complete the form below:

Apply for a TTRO

Our electronic payment system is designed to assist and streamline the submission of applicants. Electronic payments using the Solihull Council epayment service is our preferred method of payment.

Pay online

Your application will not be progressed until the application fee has been submitted.

Please note that as part of the order making process the applicant name and contact telephone number as provided within Part 1 (Work Details) of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order/Notice application form will be included on any subsequent legal notice which will be available for public inspection and published online and in both press and site notices.

This information is provided as it has been found to aid the resolution of any issues that may occur during the period that a restriction is in place, particularly outside of normal office hours.

Please also note that your information may also be shared with other Solihull Council services and partner organisations to ensure our records are kept accurate and to help us to identify services or benefits you may be entitled to or interested in. We may also need to share your information for the prevention and detection of fraud and/or other crimes or as the law requires.

For further information about how we use your information please refer our Privacy Statement or contact temporaryroadclosure@solihull.gov.uk.

Closing the highway due to an event or street party

Groups or organisations who wish to hold an event on the highway can request that a road is closed. To apply please fully complete the form below and submit it to temporaryroadclosure@solihull.gov.uk:

Event on the public highway

Street Party

Our Street parties page can help you plan and organise your party.

If you need to close a road please download our: