HAF Provider Information

Apply to be a provider

You can apply to be provider for the Summer HAF Programme 2022. 

How to apply

If you are a new provider please complete our application form and return it with your supporting documents to hafsolihull@solihull.gov.uk.

The deadline for new applications is 12.00am (midnight) on Sunday 22 May 2022.

If you are an existing provider and have worked with Solihull Council to deliver a HAF programme before you just need to email us at hafsolihull@solihull.gov.uk.

Help applying

Our HAF Provider Pack can help you understand how to apply but if you need help or have any questions please get in touch with us at hafsolihull@solihull.gov.uk.

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This page provides guidance and resources for providers of our Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme.

The HAF Programme

As the activities are voluntary we do not expect  all eligible children will participate. We encourage providers to make your holiday clubs available to any children not eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), who can pay to attend.

Your aim should be to support children, young people and families to:

  • Eat more healthily
  • Be more active
  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities
  • Be safe and not isolated
  • Have greater knowledge of health and nutrition
  • Be more engaged with school and other services

Funding can only be used for eligible FSM children, and activities and meals should be free for those who are eligible.

For further information please read our Frequently Asked Questions or email HAFSolihull@solihull.gov.uk.

Essential Information for Providers

As a Solihull HAF provider, we have set out some guidance and standards to support you with delivery of this programme.

Food Standards

Child eating blueberries

Taken from the National School Food Standards for England, The Holiday Activity and Food standards are to ensure the food provided to participants attending holiday activities is nutritious and of high quality. We aim to promote good nutritional health in all participants, protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable and to promote good eating behaviours to all.

Providing enriching activities

Our Nutrition and Play booklet will provide fun activities and ideas about physical activity and nutrition for all of the family.

Sport England has teamed up with the Youth Sport Trust to develop a new online resource that will help more children be physically active. The new, free Active Recovery hub hosts hundreds of practical ideas to get children moving throughout the day. You are able to search for activities by age and the time of day they want to get active.

The activities are provided by sports organisations and there are a diverse range of inclusive activities to choose from. The new hub provides the ideal platform to get all young people more active and will provide valuable support for providers planning their summer HAF programme.


As a person who works (paid or unpaid) with children and young people, you have a duty to refer any concerns you may have regarding the welfare of a child or young person in accordance with Solihull LSCP Multi-agency Procedures.

You must refer your concerns to Solihull Children’s Social Work Services using the multi-agency referral form below and if you are concerned about the immediate safety of a child or young person you should contact the Police on 999

Report a concern

The safeguarding contacts will provide useful information and signposting to support with reporting a concern.

Safeguarding resources

We would like to share with you the following resources for safeguarding:

Marketing and Promotion

Our promotional information provides you, as one of our authorised providers, details of how to promote your activity offer and how Solihull Council will communicate the programme to parents/carers of eligible children.

To raise the profile of the programme running in Solihull, we would encourage you to use the hashtag #SolihullHAF and #HAF2022 in any social media posts.

Please use both the HAF and Department for Education (DfE) logos on all your promotional material. If a logo cannot be used on promotional activity such as in press releases, then please acknowledge the source of funding with reference to the DfE and Solihull Council:

Data Protection and GDPR

The UK General Data Protection Regulations will define you as a ‘controller’ for the personal information you collect and process. You are responsible for its use and must safeguard it.

The following guidance can help you understand your data protection responsibilities:

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council have asked you to collect the following personal data as part of the HAF monitoring form:

  • child’s name
  • date of birth
  • school and home address
  • postcode.

When collecting personal information, you must explain how you will use the information, whom you may pass it to and why. This is often achieved by including a statement on forms and is referred to as a Privacy Notice.

We have provided the following Privacy Notice to support the collection of this information.

Data Monitoring

We will expect providers to complete a report after each holiday period.

For Easter provision, you must return the data monitoring form by Tuesday 3 May 2022. The form has been sent to you by email.

The completed monitoring form should be returned as secure attachment.

Ramadan and Easter HAF

Ramadan is expected to start around Saturday 2 April and end around Sunday 1 May 2022 this year. This has implications for the provision of activities and food for children and families who will be partaking in the act of fasting between sunrise and sunset. 

There are some considerations for providers to take into account: 

• whilst fasting, children may have lower energy or capacity to engage in activities

• it may therefore be helpful for these children/families to be given the choice of attendance times, including shorter or less strenuous activities

• when it comes to food, where possible to provide take home meal boxes for children and young people who have attended the HAF programme on that day, so they can enjoy the food after sunset. Take home meal boxes should only be provided to those children who have attended face-to-face provision

• it may be worth noting that some younger children may not fast due to their age.  Therefore, consulting with families is certainly recommended over and above making assumptions

Video sessions for HAF providers

The following links are available to all new and existing HAF providers, please select the recording to navigate to the video. The sessions are run by Childcare Works and are aimed towards provision for young people by VCSE organisations:

Nutrition and health

As part of the Holiday Activity and Food Programme you are committed to providing education around healthy eating and nutrition. Our guide for organisations is designed to provide a variety of resources to support you.

Lesson plans

The following documents can help you plan your meals and activities. 

Eat Well


Recipe ideas

Keep fit

Strive for 5

Mental health support for young people

The Kooth team provide free, safe and anonymous online support and counselling.

Young people can still access Kooth's services over the summer holidays.

Young carers/young adult carers (YCYAC)

Carers Trust Solihull are a charity that provides free help and support for unpaid carers of all ages.

To contact the Carers Trust Solihull Young Carers Team:

You can find out more out support available for young carers/young adult carers (YCYAC) services by downloading a leaflet:

Mental health support for young people

The Kooth team provide online sessions aimed at helping young people with their mental health.

You can get in touch with us by email at HAFSolihull@solihull.gov.uk.