Professionals, schools and partners

Professionals, schools and partners - Working together

Professionals, schools, and other partners are a valuable part of the Solihull HAF Programme. This page will provide information about making a referral, working with us on provision and supporting children to access clubs.

Supporting eligible children to access holiday clubs

We ask that you encourage all known children and families who receive benefits-related Free School Meals to book places with HAF providers. Children who attend a Solihull school will have received an email to show proof of entitlement and the child’s Solihull HAF code, which they must show to  providers at the point of booking.

For example, if you are a school you may have provision running in the school or very close by that you can promote to your eligible families. If you would like to see the locations of activities, then please visit our activities page.

Professional referrals

Referrals into HAF are only required for children who are not eligible under the FSM criteria but who are considered vulnerable and in need of a place. The focus of the HAF programme is support for those in receipt of free school meals, funding for vulnerable children is limited, and as such so are the number of places available.

Children who are non-FSM can be referred into the HAF Programme through completion of our referral form.

We would expect eligible non-FSM children to meet one of the criteria below, although not all children within these categories will be able to attend. Priority must be given to those most in need:

  • looked after children/previously looked after children
  • young carers
  • children on EHCP plans
  • children and young people on a child protection plan
  • children and young people known to social care
  • children of recognised refugees
  • children from asylum seeking families
  • elected home educated
  • children at risk of exclusion from school
  • children with low attendance in school
  • young people at risk of being NEET
  • children referred by other services such as Schools, CAMHS or Health Practitioners

This list may be updated at any time so if you are unsure if a child is eligible for a HAF funded place as non-FSM then please get in touch at

We cannot fund or subsidise places for children who do not meet the criteria unless agreed prior to attending. 

How to refer a non-free school meal child

If you are a professional working with children and would like to refer a child onto the Solihull HAF Programme who is not on benefits-related free school meals, please complete the online referral form.

This request will then be considered, and a booking code will be sent directly to you to share with the family and to help them to book. We aim to process all referrals within 5 working days.

This system allows children, who otherwise would not be eligible, to access places through HAF based on professional judgement, assessment of need and potential impact/benefit to the child and family.

Not all children in the categories below will be automatically eligible to attend, as places are limited and priority must be given to those most in need. However, we would expect eligible non-FSM children to meet one of the above criteria.