Guide to the EHC assessment process

How to request an EHC Assessment

A request to the Local Authority to carry out an EHC assessment for a child or young person between 0 and 25, can be made by:

Please note, a child must live in Solihull in order for Solihull Council to carry out an assessment.

The following pages will provide information about how the different stages of assessment are carried out and what parents and professionals can expect.

See individual pages or the documents below for additional resources.

  1. EHC Request Form For Statutory Assessment - a form for obtaining information from the school
  2. EHC Request Form Medical Questionnaire - we have to ask for medical advice as part of the Education, Health and Care Assessment process. This is because we need to find out if a child’s progress at school is affected by a medical condition
  3. Family Conversation Record for Statutory EHC Assessment - the views of the family and child
  4. Annual Review Meeting Outcome Summary - this shows the information which would form part of the annual review

Child’s View

Listening to the child’s views is essential.

Solihull Council has a comprehensive and explicit approach to incorporating child’s voice within the work they do and within the EHCP process.

Please see below our Child’s Views form and project summary for participation of children and young persons in Education, Health and Care Plans:

  1. Childs views
    My views - things I would like people to know about me
  2. Project Summary – Participation of CYP in EHCPs

School Resources

  • My Support Plan - document for schools to evidence their plan do review process to ensure a youngsters needs are met either within School based provision or with access to other professionals. This document should be used prior to an application for statutory assessment to evidence a graduated approach to meeting a child/young persons needs.
  • Solihull SEN Banding - document for schools, families and all stakeholders that gives clear information and guidance and description of the different categories of special educational needs that children and young people may experience. It also states the requirements and provision that Schools need to put in place to support a childs additional needs. This document also supports Schools in evidencing a graduated approach to need and the requirements it has deemed that a request for Statutory Assessment for an EHCP is required.
  • Request for EHC Needs Assessment - My Support Plan - request form to be used by schools. To be used in conjunction with My Support Plan.