EHC plans stage four - finalise EHC plan

Stage four (weeks 15 to 20) finalise EHC plan

Any amendments agreed are included in the draft EHC plan which is then reissued to parents and they are invited to identify their preferred school placement. Parents return the draft to the plan coordinator to consult the requested education placement and others as appropriate.

If a personal budget has been agreed the plan coordinator will work with all agencies to complete the resource allocation system and provide an indicative budget.

The final plan is prepared.

What happens in stage four for parents or carers?

Parents consider the draft plan and suggest any changes. Parents should notify the case worker if they wish to request a personal budget.

Parents are asked to name a preferred school or education settings. This can be a local School, a School maintained by another Local Authority (LA) or an Independent (Special) School approved by the Department of Education (a Section 41 School). Most pupils with an EHCP are educated in local Solihull Schools. A few attend Schools in neighbouring LAs or Independent Special School.

A list of Independent Schools can be viewed on the website.

Parents will also be asked to confirm whether they would like to take up a personal budget.

What happens in stage four for professionals?

The plan coordinator:

  • completes the EHC plan
  • identifies provision to meet agreed outcomes and;
  • discusses personal budget if parents have requested one