The Speech, Language and Communication Disorder Team

We are a team of experienced practitioners with a specialism in Speech, Language and Communication Disorders (SLCD) .  The Outreach Team is based at Elmwood, whilst the other Teachers and practitioners are located at either of the two Additionally Resourced Centres (ARCs) within Valley and Bishop Wilson Primary Schools.

What do we do?

We are an educational advisory service who support children and young people with a specific speech, language and communication disorder.

The SISS Speech Language and Communication Disorders Team will be changing how it works. This is to ensure children and young people who have a specific, speech and language disorder, identified by the Speech and Language Therapy Service (SALT), have access to the specialist education support they require, to achieve their full potential.

We have worked closely with SALT and the SISS Communication and Learning Difficulties (CLD) Team to agree a Pathway of support for children. It has been agreed that only children with a SPECIFIC, significant/severe, speech, communication and/or language disorders will be referred to us through their service.  All other children will be able to access support through the SISS CLD Team, or equivalent if schools buy-in another provider.

Once a new referral from the SALT is accepted, a consultation will be offered to support the SENCo and school professionals. Parents will also be contacted and written advice provided. The child/young person will then either move to ‘universal support’ and the SLCD Team will step back whilst the advice is implemented, or support will be stepped up to High Needs Teacher Advice/High Needs ISP Support, if this is advised.

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