Additionally Resourced Mainstream Provision

Many young people with additional learning needs can make better, more sustained progress when they attend mainstream school. Additionally Resourced schools are part of Solihull’s education provision, providing specialist places for a small number of children and young people with higher levels of SEN. 

Additionally Resourced Provisions, within a mainstream school, are designed to provide specialist and targeted support for children with long term special educational needs (SEN). A school will receive additional funding to deliver the provision.

Each provision is able to offer:

  • teaching staff with additional knowledge, skills and expertise in a particular area of SEN
  • specialist environments which support the learning needs of each pupil
  • systems to track small step progress and wider outcomes
  • lessons in mainstream classes, but with additional specialist resources and teaching
  • to actively involve parents/carers in the review and delivery of the provision
  • to actively involve pupils in the review and delivery of the provision they receive and help them to develop
  • strategies for achieving successful outcomes

Each provision specialises in a particular area of special educational need and is an integral part of the school. The provisions are small scale, typically providing for between 12 and 14 pupils in primary schools and up to 40 in secondary school.

Both an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) and Additionally Resourced Centre Centre’s (ARC) provide additional

specialist facilities on a mainstream school site for a small number of pupils, typically less than 30.

Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP)

 Pupils spend most of their time (usually well over 50% of their timetable) in mainstream classes.

They only attend the ARP facilities:

  • for individual support
  • to learn specific skills
  • to access specialist equipment

The facilities can be in a suite or dispersed throughout the school. Pupils are supported in their own year groups. Pupils will spend time within the designated ARP classroom and their time in their mainstream class will be agreed so that their access is fully successful. This approach enables each individual to receive the particular support that they need, at the appropriate age age-related level in the most appropriate setting.

Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC)

Pupils in a ARC spend the majority of their time there, only attending mainstream classes for a few lessons, such as PE, for assembly or for lunch.

Pupils in both settings are on the roll of the mainstream school. In both ARPs and ARCs the facilities are additional to those normally provided in a mainstream school to support special needs, such as an SEN resource room.

Pupils allocated a place at an additionally resourced mainstream provision will usually have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan). Our EHC Panel is the only agency that can allocate a place at these provisions. The panel will decide whether a place is the most appropriate way of meeting a young person person’s needs and which provision is the most suitable, following a formal consultation process with the school/s.

There are clear criteria for naming these provisions on a pupil’s EHC Plan. It will be clear that the pupil does need

more support than a normal mainstream school can offer but does not need a place at a special school and / or parental preference is for placement in a mainstream setting.

There are two primary ARPs for pupils with speech, language and communication needs. These pupils do not require an EHCP but will receive additional support within the provision for their needs, alongside access to mainstream classes with their peers. Places at these ARPs are agreed by the Specialist Inclusion Support Service.

Bishop Wilson Church of England Primary School

Dickens Heath Community Primary School: The Willows

Mill Lodge Primary School: The Rainbows

Tudor Grange Primary Academy Yew Tree: Cedars

Windy Arbor Primary School 

Alderbrook Academy

Langley Secondary School

Langley Secondary School

Tudor Grange Academy Solihull: The Elms