Advice for parents and carers - physical disabilities

Welcome to the Physical Disability teams parent page.

We want to signpost you to some useful information that parents often ask us.

Where can I find out about specialist equipment?

Talk to health professionals and/or your Advisory PD teacher - if you aren’t sure who this is please contact the service or the school SENCO.

Visit exhibitions such as;

(We recommend these events for information only, we cannot guarantee that any equipment viewed will be available to your child as this will depend upon assessment, need and provider)

How can I find advice on potty training?

How can I find out more on grants and funding?

How can I find out more information on my child’s diagnosis?

Every child is different. Some of the information you find may apply to other children with the same condition but not yours. To find information that relates to your child:

  • talk to other parents about what they found useful
  • ask your doctor for any recommended reading
  • search for relevant voluntary organisations and charities
  • the charity CONTACT has an extensive A-Z of conditions 

Further support can be found at the Scope website