Local offer - post 16 education provision

Moving from School to College with an EHCP can seem daunting. Schools must provide young people with EHCP’s Independent Career Advice and Guidance, every year from Year 9 to ensure that a transition to the next stage in the young person’s life is smooth and all options have been looked into.

Education options (with support) could be either;

  • full or part time college
  • work based learning
  • study Programmes
  • apprenticeships

Here is an visiting colleges checklist with lots of useful questions, to help parents and carers know what to look for when searching for a suitable College for a young person with additional needs.

Details on post-16 education and training options in Solihull and the facility to search on specific courses can be accessed at:

Work experience gives young people the chance to spend time in a work environment developing practical skills as well as doing some classroom-based learning

Colleges in and around Solihull

Mainstream Colleges can meet the needs of the majority of students with SEND and have access to additional resources to do this. Information from each college is available through the college website, generally via student support services or additional needs coordinator.

Please contact the Additional Needs Manager to discuss the support available to enable young people to access mainstream further education and the type of courses offered.

The School Careers Advisor will support the young person in identifying the most suitable course and college. Please ensure you speak to your School Careers Advisor.

Telephone: 0800 111 6311

Email:  hello@sccb.ac.uk 

Website: www.sccb.ac.uk/about-us/contact-us

Telephone: 0121 458 3898

Email:  enquiry@cadcol.ac.uk

Website: www.cadcol.ac.uk

Telephone: 01384 399400

Email:  enquiries@ghc.rmt.org

Website: www.rmt.org/glasshouse

Telephone: 01789 266245

Email:  hello@stratford.ac.uk

Website: www.stratford.ac.uk

Telephone: 0121 604 1000

Email:  admissions@ucb.ac.uk

Website: www.ucb.ac.uk/student-support/disability-support/

To find approved independent Special Schools and Colleges beyond Solihull please visit the gov.uk website.