Local offer - What to do if things go wrong

We want to work together with parents, young people and our partners to make the SEND process go smoothly for everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong, but it is best if they are sorted out as quickly as possible.

If your child has special educational needs or a disability, but does not have an EHC plan or a statement of SEN

We encourage you to talk to your child’s school. You may want to talk to the class teacher or the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

If you want support or more information about what to do, we suggest you contact:

If you have spoken to your child’s school and you are still unsure of what to do

You may want to be sure what the responsibilities of schools are and may want some independent advice from Solihull SENDIAS

If your child has special educational needs or a disability, and you have asked for an EHC assessment or your child has an EHC plan or a statement of SEN

We suggest you to talk to your child’s school, the SEN Team at Solihull, or the plan coordinator for your child’s assessment, so that we can help to find a solution. You may also want to talk to Solihull SENDIAS on 0121 516 5173.

We hope that by talking together early we will be able to deal with your concerns, but if that does not happen there are more ways which can help

You may want to approach a disagreement resolution service. These services are available to all parents and young people to resolve disagreements about any aspect of SEN provision whether the EHC process is happening or not.

If you have asked for an EHC assessment and it has not been agreed, or if, when it has been agreed, there are some issues unresolved

We suggest that you firstly talk to the SEN Team or the plan coordinator. You may also want to talk to Solihull SENDIAS on 0121 516 5173. You can also go to mediation, which will hopefully resolve the problem.

If you want to appeal your case to the SEND Tribunal, then you must first of all consider mediation and contact a mediation adviser before registering your appeal.

Have the School suggested a managed move or even exclusion of your child?

If your child is struggling at school this suggests that provision within the EHCP requires review. Certainly before any child is moved or excluded an urgent EHCP review should take place.

  • Have the School indicated that they plan to hold an urgent EHCP review?
  • Have the local authority been invited?

If not as a parent you have a right to request an urgent review to consider the issues and plan appropriately for your child.

Do you have a complaint?

It is important that you are clear whether your complaint is about:

  • a school matter - in which case it should be sent according to the school complaints procedure which will be available on their website

If your complaint is about a team or individual working within the SEND 0-25 service you should raise a SEND complaint

It is important in either case that you follow the process. If you remain unhappy after a stage 1 complaint process this can be escalated to stage 2. If you still remain unhappy this can be escalated to the ombudsman. The ombudsman will only become involved when stage 1 and 2 of the complaints process have already been completed.

Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Services

We would like to resolve any disagreements at an early stage and will meet with parents and young people to discuss issues that arise.

If parents or young people would like to have mediation to resolve the disagreement, the organisations below are available. You should contact the organisation you choose who will talk to you about the process.

Mediation Services


Susanna Diegel – SEN Mediational Regional Manager
249 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1EA
03330 062835


Charles Horn - CEDR Accredited Mediator
Quadrant Court, 49 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1TH
0121 337 0500

Prime Resolution

Marilyn Webster – Director
Meeting Point House, Southwater Square, Telford, TF3 4HS
01952 303038