Supported lodgings hosts for care leavers

Supported Lodgings is one of the accommodation options offered to care leavers aged 16 to 25 who are not quite ready to live on their own.

The scheme brings care leavers together with hosts.  A host is someone who has a spare room in their home and can help prepare a young person for independent living.  Helping them develop basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

Hosts needed

We are looking for hosts who have a spare room, patience, compassions and an understanding of young people and their needs.

It doesn’t matter if you work, have qualifications or experience, or if you own or rent a home. Your age, marital status, sexuality or cultural background also doesn’t affect an application.

The role of a host

You will be expected to provide meals and a room in your home.  You will help the young person become more independent by improving basic living skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

You are not expected to provide guardianship for a young person, just support and guidance in a safe environment.

Why become a host

Becoming a host can be an exciting and rewarding experience.  You will also receive a payment that reflects the cost of accommodating and supporting a young person, currently £215 per week.

Support for hosts

You will receive training and will be supported throughout the placement by an accommodation officer who will be able to answer any queries or concerns.  There is also an out-of-hours team that can be contacted in an emergency.

Support for young people

Young people will have their own support worker who will help with claiming benefits, employment, training and education.

Every three months we have a review meeting where the host, young person, accommodation officer and support worker meet and talk about how things are going and discuss any problems.

The placement

It is extremely important that both you and the young person feel happy about the placement so you will be involved in the whole process before the placement goes ahead.  You will get to meet each other before any final decision is made.

Most placements are expected to last between six months and two years.  The length of the placement will be flexible and dependent on the individual needs of the young person and host.