Solihull Town Centre Energy Network

Exciting plans are being progressed to deliver affordable low carbon energy to the town centre. The Solihull Town Centre Energy Network will distribute low carbon heat and power from a single energy centre directly into town centre buildings.

The energy centre will provide a range of renewable and low carbon energy solutions including Air Source Heat Pumps and gas Combined Heat and Power. The proposed energy network will be able to provide heat and power to public and private sector customers, including Council owned buildings, education campuses and commercial offices.

graphic showing energy centre

The project aims to deliver carbon savings in support of Solihull Council’s ambitious climate change commitments by reducing the borough’s greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the amount of renewable and low carbon energy used to heat and power buildings.

In Solihull 56% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use in our buildings. This scheme will significantly reduce building energy emissions and pave the way for additional building connections in the town centre, helping Solihull in its drive towards Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2041.

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