How to become a councillor

If you care about the area that you live or work in and the issues facing local people, you could be a councillor.

To become a councillor you will need to stand for elections, most candidates are nominated through a political party. However, individuals can stand as an independent councillor if they do not wish to be associated to a particular party. Each candidate must be nominated by a separate nomination paper, signed by 10 registered electors of the ward in which you are to stand.

Who can be a councillor?

You can become a candidate if you are:

  • at least 18 years old
  • registered to vote in the borough of Solihull or have lived, worked or owned  property here for at least 12 months before an election

You can’t be a councillor if you:

  • work for the Council
  • hold a politically restricted post with another local authority
  • have been made bankrupt
  • have a previous criminal conviction with a 3 month or more prison sentence