Voting by post or proxy

Electoral services

On Tuesday 31 October 2023, the way you apply for a postal and proxy vote changed.

Online applications

You can now apply for a postal or a proxy vote online.

Apply for a postal vote at GOV.UK

Apply for a proxy vote at GOV.UK

Paper applications will also be accepted. If you are unable to apply online, please download either a postal vote or proxy vote application form and send the completed form to or by post to:

Electoral Services
Solihull Council
Council House
Manor Square
B91 3QB

Identity checking

All postal and proxy applications must include your National Insurance Number (NINO) or a suitable reason why you cannot provide it. The personal information contained in your application (name, address, DOB and NINO) is then checked against Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) records. 

If you fail the DWP match, or if you are unable to provide a NINO, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence to confirm your identity. We will write to you if you need to provide evidence.

How long can I have my postal or proxy vote for?

Postal votes

Your postal vote will last for up to 3 years. You must reapply after 3 years and we will write to you when the time comes to reapply. You may also apply for a postal vote for a particular election or less than 3 years, if you wish to do so.

If you had an existing postal vote in place before 31 October 2023 then you will not be required to reapply until January 2026.

Proxy voters

Proxy voters can continue to put in place proxy arrangements for a particular election. 

In some circumstances, you may request a permanent proxy vote. This can only be granted if:

  • you have a disability
  • you are away from home due to your employment, service or you are on an educational course
  • you are a Crown Servant or British Council employee
  • you are a British Citizen registered as an overseas voter

If you are applying for a permanent proxy vote due to a disability or employment, then your application must be signed by your doctor or employer - except if you are registered blind. These types of proxy vote applications cannot be made online.

To apply for a proxy vote, please download the relevant form below:

All permanent proxy vote applications will be subject to a 3 yearly eligibility check and a 5 yearly signature refresh.

However, if you had an existing proxy vote in place before 31 October 2023, then you must make a new proxy vote application before January 2024. If this applies to you, we will write to you separately.