ASB Case Review

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, please contact the Solihull ASB Service provided by Solihull Community Housing. The service can support you and work with you to solve the issues you have been experiencing. You can contact the service by:   

  • calling the Solihull Anti-Social Behaviour Service on 0121 717 1500
  • send a text to 07781 474 722
  • reporting it online


  • call the police on 101 (non-emergency). In an emergency always call 999

What is a ASB case review?

The ASB case review is a victim led process which requires local authorities, the police, housing providers and local health teams to jointly review how a case of anti-social behaviour has been dealt with.

They are intended to be used in cases when you believe that one or more agencies have failed to respond to reports of anti-social behaviour and/or hate crime that you have made.

What is the threshold for a ASB case review?

Anyone can use the ASB case review process if their concern is about anti-social behaviour and/or a hate crime/incident and meets the threshold for review.

The threshold is: 

  1. That you have reported three separate incidents relating to the same problem in the past six months to either Solihull Council, the Police, Solihull Community Housing ASB service and/or your Registered Social Landlord.  


  1. You have reported one incident of crime motivated by hate (due to race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity) in the last six months and no action has been taken.

Please ensure that you have explored all avenues with the relevant agencies to resolve your issues first as the ASB case review process is not a first port of call for dealing with anti-social behaviour.

If after reporting your issues to the agencies, you believe that no action or inadequate action has been taken you may request the ASB case review process to start and for the actions of the agencies to be reviewed.

What we need to know

We will ask you to provide details of each time you reported the anti-social behaviour or hate crime so that we can understand why you believe the action taken is not appropriate. The information you provide will also allow us to make a decision as to whether or not your reports meet the threshold for a ASB case review to happen.

We will need to know:

  • details about the incidents, the agency you reported the incidents to and the dates that you contacted them
  • any Incident Reference Number if you were given one
  • outcomes of the reports and any action that was taken

You may be asked to provide additional information about the incidents reported and confirm that you have complied with any requests by the agency to help them resolve your reported anti-social behaviour. For example: completing diary sheets or providing impact statements.

When you request a ASB case review, a case will be generated and the review will be co-ordinated by the Council’s Community Safety Team. Your request will be checked to make sure that it reaches the threshold for a review to take place. Someone from the Community Safety Team may contact you if they require more information.

If your case proceeds to a review the relevant agencies will meet to discuss your case and the actions that were considered and carried out. They will review responses and make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved. We will contact you with a response that sets out actions taken and includes suggestions on how agencies can work together to resolve the issues.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from this process, you do have the right of appeal. You will be advised of the process for appealing when you receive the ASB case review response.

Contact us

If you think that your issue or concern is relevant to the ASB case review and meets the threshold you can contact us using one of the methods below.

Write to us at:

Solihull Council
Economy and Infrastructure
Regulatory Services
The Core
Homer Road
B91 3RG

Your request will be assessed within five working days and you will be contacted outlining the next steps.

I don’t meet the criteria, what do I do now?

You can report incidents of anti-social behaviour and hate incidents by:

  • calling the Solihull Anti-Social Behaviour Service on 0121 717 1500
  • send a text to 07781 474 722
  • reporting it online
  • call the police on 101 (non-emergency). In an emergency always call 999

To find out more about how to deal with anti-social behaviour take a look at our anti-social behaviour page.