Harmful sexual behaviour

Solihull Youth Justice Service (YJS) provide support for young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours of concern these may include:

  • inappropriate touching
  • using language that is sexually explicit
  • sexually threatening or violent acts
  • penetrative sex

We offer a service to young people aged 12 and over following a court order or referral from social care.

Make a referral

The Brooks traffic light tool can help professionals understand healthy sexual behaviour from harmful behaviour. It also helps when making decisions about safeguarding children and young people and assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviour in children and young people

To report a concern please use our Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) referral form and provide as much information as you can.

Make a referral

YJS Officers will assess each case that meets the criteria. 

What are harmful sexual behaviours?

Sexually abusive behaviour is any sexual interaction with, person(s) of any age which is:

  • against the victim’s will
  • without informed consent
  • in an aggressive, exploitative, manipulative or threatening manner

(Ryan & Lane “Juvenile Sexual Offending” 1997)

The criteria

We will offer AIM assessment and intervention for young people in the following categories:

  • any young person who is subject to a court order for a sexual offence will be seen by the YJS
  • any young person that is referred by social services following their assessment and the identification of abusive behaviour (rather than healthy and problematic behaviours)

Two tier approach

A two tier pathway has been designed to ensure the right services are provided to young people at the right level, as some children and young people will require support at a more intense level than others.

Tier one is a multi agency approach where professionals can seek guidance on the types of interventions that may be suitable for the young person.

This includes:

  • interventions focus around health and positive relationships
  • self esteem and personal space
  • victim empathy, or
  • a programme we create to address sexually inappropriate behaviours

This includes:

  • thorough assessment of the young person using AIM and AssetPlus
  • a targeted plan
  • focused Interventions
  • referrals to other appropriate services where relevant