Healthy weight

If your weight or the weight of a loved one is concerning you, there are a range of services in Solihull that can provide support.

It’s helpful when speaking to these services if you know your ‘Body Mass Index’ (or BMI). You can check your BMI using the NHS healthy weight calculator.

Maintaining a healthy weight in Solihull

A number of options are available to support you if you are concerned about your weight or simply want to maintain your weight in Solihull. Whether you are a young person, older, male or female, you should be able to find just the help you need, information and advice you need.

Weight management services in Solihull

Local free weight management services are available through the Solihull Lifestyle Service.

Make a referral

You can also call 0800 599 9880 free of charge.

Your GP can also make referrals on your behalf to the service.

Specialist dietetic support is also available for those requiring special diets for a medical condition and food planning. 

The service offers a a range of options to support your weight Management including:

  • Healthy eating cookery courses
  • One to one and Group Support
  • Drop in sessions at the Community Advice Hubs
  • Lots of ways to increase your activity that suit you.
  • Specialist Men’s Weight Management are available via self referral by calling: 0800 599 9880

Healthy Eating

Staying healthy requires a good mix of exercise and eating well. A varied and balanced diet is not just about keeping fit and well though. It also makes mealtimes more enjoyable, introduces you to different foods and flavours and for some people, helps to manage a health condition and reduce the risks of health issues.  

Further advice can be found here.

Children and Family weight management

Services to support healthy eating and weight management are available for families with children under 16 years old.

Families with children who have been identified as obese through the National Child Measurement Programme in schools, or where health professionals have a concern about the weight of a child can be referred to the 12 week programme, Eat Well Move More, which includes:

  • exercise
  • cooking well and eating healthily
  • learning how to change daily routines so that a healthier lifestyle becomes a habit

The programme is designed for your child’s age group, and is highly interactive fun whilst learning.

Mums and dads, brothers and sister and carers are invited too, with the whole family approach to making changes shown to work best.

Being underweight

If you are worried that you, a friend, family member or someone you provide care for is underweight, it is important that you seek medical advice from a doctor immediately.

Being underweight can often be more damaging to your health than being overweight, while there are often underlying medical conditions causing weight loss.

Checking your body mass index will let you know whether you are a healthy weight or not. You can check your BMI using the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator. If you are concerned about a child being underweight, the NHS website explains how BMI for young people is interpreted differently.

The NHS also provides excellent advice and information for managing the weight of those with learning difficulties.