Safe homes

Safe Homes are incredibly important in preventing falls. There can be potential hazards in your home you may not have thought about.

Our top tips

  • Rugs are a trip hazard so should be avoided. If you do have rugs, make sure they’re fixed down properly
  • Try to de-clutter - the more clutter you have, the more you’re likely to trip over it
  • Don’t leave things like newspapers, wires, shoes and bags where you can trip over them
  • Make sure clothes like trousers and dressing gowns are well fitting and not trailing on the ground
  • Avoid sloppy and ill-fitting slippers - they may be comfy but they increase your risk of trips and falls, especially on the stairs
  • If you live alone and are worried about falling, get a pendant alarm so you can call for help if you need to

Useful contacts for home adaptations and gadgets

Solihull Community Housing offer a variety of services including:

For further information email: or call 0121 717 1515 (option 3). Please note some services are chargeable.

  • Solihull Connect can arrange major home adaptations, for example if you need help getting in the bath or getting upstairs. Ask for an assessment from an occupational therapist by calling 0121 704 8007
  • West Midlands Fire Service carry out 'Safe and Well' visits and will check your home for fire safety and give advice - 0800 389 5525