Council owned land and property

How to find out information about Council owned land and premises including sale of land, plans and purchasing freeholds.

How can I find out about future sales of council land and property?

Minor Land Sales

Due to a resources shortfall we are unable to take on any further minor land sales until further notice. 

We advertise sales in one or more local/regional newspapers (The Solihull News, The Solihull Times, The Birmingham Evening Mail and/or the Birmingham Post).

How can I find out if the council owns a particular property or area of land?

We have published our current asset register.

Can I get copies of leases or licences?

If you have a personal interest in a particular council property we may be able to provide copies. Our fee for this service will depend upon the size of the document. For further information, please contact us by email or call 0121 704 6316.

How can I buy the freehold of my Council property?

If you are looking to purchase the freehold of a council property please contact us online or call 0121 704 6316.

Am I responsible for fencing around my property?

Responsibility for boundary fences is normally shown on property deeds, please check these or the documents stored at HM Land Registry.

We do not keep records for privately owned property, but if it was formerly owned by us, we may be able to help.

If you require further information after checking your property deeds, you can contact us online.

How do I get approval to undertake works on my property?

If the lease on your property indicates you need council approval for any works on your property, you should contact us online or please call 0121 704 6316.

A charge may be payable in advance in respect of any approval(s) required to carry out works on your property.

How can I find out who owns a private property?

The Land Registry has details of all registered properties in the UK. If you are interested in unregistered land, try making enquiries with neighbours. We can only advise if we own land or not.

If the property is subject to development proposals you can search for planning applications.