How to pay your library charge

If you have lost or damaged an item borrowed from Solihull Libraries, you will be asked to pay for a replacement. 

Replacement items are charged at their book or retail price, this is displayed on the library catalogue and on all customer accounts.

We cannot accept donations as a replacement for lost/damaged items.


Pay online using a debit or credit card by logging into your library account.

Log in to your library account

  • In your account dashboard select the Fines and Charges tile, choose the items you wish to pay for and select Pay Selections
  • Your payment will be taken by our Solihull Council secure online payments eStore
  • Once you have paid your borrower privileges will be restored

Paying in person

Cash or cheque payments can be made at your local library, regardless of where the item was borrowed. Please try to make sure you have the correct change when paying in cash. We do not take card payments other than the online payments.

What happens if I don't pay the replacement charge?

Your library card will remain blocked from use, and you may be invoiced for the replacement cost with an administrative charge.

If paying a replacement charge may be a problem for you, please do talk to library staff.

I have found the lost item, can I return it?

Yes, as long as the item is not damaged. Once returned, your borrower privileges will be restored and, if the replacement charge has been paid, it can be refunded to you providing that the payment was made within the last 28 days.