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Solihull Local Plan Review

Local Plan Review – Draft Submission Plan

On 6 October 2020, Council approved the publication the Local Plan Review – Draft Submission Plan. We are currently making arrangements for the plan to be published.

This webpage and our evidence bases will be updated in due course with details on how to take part in the forthcoming consultation.

The current local plan, the ‘Solihull Local Plan’, was adopted in December 2013 and covers the period 2011 to 2028. Since the Local Plan was adopted, a legal challenge has resulted in the overall housing requirement being deleted and remitted back to the Council for reconsideration.

In addition, Phase One of HS2 has Royal Assent and the government gave it the green light in February 2020. Contracts to deliver the scheme are in place and the route is expected to open by 2026. The first station outside of London, the Interchange Station is to be built in Solihull on land next to the M42 and opposite the NEC. It will be constructed on land that it is currently within the Green Belt.

To ensure that a proper planning framework is in place that addresses these issues, the Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review (LPR). The stages of the LPR are set out in the Council’s most recent Local Development Scheme. This page contains details of the latest stage the Council has reached, for previous stages please see the Local Plan Review archive page.

Local Development Scheme

A Local Development Scheme (LDS) is prepared by the Council to indicate what documents it has produced, or intends to produce, that will form part of its development plan. This LDS sets out the programme for reviewing the Solihull Local Plan, which is currently the principal statutory development plan document for the borough.

This LDS replaces the October 2018 LDS and covers the period 2020/21. The following revised timetable was approved by the Climate Change, Planning and Housing decision session on Wednesday 22 January:

  • Publication of Submission Draft - Summer 2020
  • Submission to Secretary of State - Autumn 2020
  • Examination of plan - Winter 2020/21
  • Adoption of the Local Plan Review - Spring/Summer 2021

The next consultation on the Draft Local Plan Review is therefore due this summer.

Call for Sites

The Council is updating the evidence for the Summer 2020 consultation on the Submission Draft of the Local Plan Review. To ensure that any additional Call for Sites submissions can be accounted for, we are setting a deadline of Friday 3 April to receive completed forms to the email address for any new sites.

In view of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus we are aware that full submissions may not be possible by 3 April. Therefore, provided a red line site plan and site name is lodged with us by 3 April, then the remainder of the supporting information can be submitted afterwards, and we would ask that this is submitted by 24 April.

Statement of Community of Involvement

The Council consulted on an updated Draft Statement of Community Involvement over summer 2019. The consultation responses were carefully considered, and final versions of the documents were approved at the Climate Change, Planning and Housing decision session on 22 January 2020.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the Council’s approach to consultation on planning matters. It aims to facilitate community and stakeholder involvement from planning applications to preparation of planning policies. The updated SCI will be used for the next stages of the Local Plan Review.

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