Solihull Local Plan Review

The current local plan, the ‘Solihull Local Plan’, was adopted in December 2013 and covers the period 2011 to 2028. Since the Local Plan was adopted, a legal challenge has resulted in the overall housing requirement being deleted and remitted back to the Council for reconsideration.

In addition, the government's plans for high speed rail have passed through Parliament and Royal Assent has now been granted for Phase One of the route. Contracts to deliver the scheme are being put in place and the route is expected to open by 2026. The first station outside of London is to be built in Solihull on land next to the M42 and opposite the NEC. The Interchange station will be constructed on land that it is currently within the Green Belt.

To ensure that a proper planning framework is in place that addresses these issues, the Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review (LPR). The stages of the LPR are set out in the Council’s most recent Local Development Scheme. This page contains details of the latest stage the Council has reached, for previous stages please see the Local Plan Review archive page.

Draft Local Plan Supplementary Consultation (now closed)

Consultation on a supplementary update to the Draft Local Plan took place from January to March 2019.

This consultation sought to:

  • provide an update on local housing need now that national planning policy has changed through the introduction of a standard methodology
  • assess the 70+ additional call-for-sites submissions that have been submitted since the DLP was published
  • refine the site selection process for assessing which sites should be included in the plan and reassess all sites (c320) to ensure that the preferred sites are the most appropriate when considered against the spatial strategy, and existing/new or updated evidence
  • publishing concept masterplans for the principal allocations
  • exploring a different approach to calculating how affordable housing provision should be calculated on an individual site
  • setting out the role of the main settlements in the future and seeking views on the existing pressures and future requirements for infrastructure provision

This consultation was not seeking to:

  • revise the contribution that the Council is making towards the HMA shortfall, this will be considered through the draft submission version of the plan
  • amend the overall spatial strategy set out in the DLP
  • revisit the non-housing related parts of the DLP

The following documents were published as part of the consultation:

The Council will use the responses to the consultation to inform the content of the next iteration of the plan, which is expected to be the Draft Submission Local Plan to be published later in the year. In the summer the Council will publish a summary document of the consultation responses received as part of the consultation that has just taken place.

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